Team allows you to invite other members of your family or company to participate in the creation of scenes and campaigns.

Add a Team Member

  1. Once logged in to, access Teams.
  2. Click Invite Team Member.
  3. Enter the following details of the member that you wished to add:
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Email Address
    4. Owner
    5. Role - member's designation based on the expected actions to perform in Dreemar Admin
      1. Admin
      2. Client Manager
      3. Campaign Manager
      4. Scene Manager
      5. Client Viewer
      6. Campaign Viewer
      7. Scene Viewer
  4. If you wanted the team member to publish scenes, check the box for Allow this user to publish scenes?, else leave it unchecked.
  5. Click Create User and Send Invite to complete.
After adding the new team member, you will notice a status Email Unconfirmed, which indicates that the invite hasn't been confirmed and the new team member hasn't activated the account yet.

Please see the video below for the overview of Dreemar Admin Portal > Team:

The new team member will receive an email from, with the email subject of Your invitation to Dreemar's Augmented Reality platform

The new team member must click Activate my Account to redirect to Dreemar's activation page to create a password. Once the new team member set up a new password, he or she must click Set Password and Activate to complete.

In setting up a new password, it must be at least 8 characters containing the following:
  1. upper case (A-Z)
  2. lowercase (a-z)
  3. number (0-9)
  4. special character (e.g. #?!@$%^&*-)

Delete a Team Member

To delete a team member, just simply click the gear icon aligned to the name of the team member that you wish to delete, then click Delete